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This project was based around the autobiographies of three of the NBA’s most legendary superstars, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson. I was asked to design and create a campaign for a book series which featured the three books. For each individual cover, I attempted to create a visual representation of the stories the players told in their autobiographies, intertwining both their personal lives with the many perils of NBA stardom on and off the court. For Magic, it was the bright lights of Los Angeles, for Larry it was breaking racial stereotypes, and for Jordan it was his burning competitive drive that drove so many away from him.I was also asked to re-imagine it as a series of wallpapers for a promotional video  featuring the three title athletes, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird for NBA website and publication Slam Magazine. Combining the three separate book cover designs into a single wallpaper was a challenge, however I was able to overcome this hurdle by creating the “Legends” aesthetic. This design was consumed over the web as well as in a series of limited edition printed posters.


This content was consumed in multiple different mediums, including print, web, video, and graphic design. It called for a varied approach, including both digital and traditional artistic methods. Currently, with nearly 100,000 video views, and over 80,000 downloads on the web, this has become one of the premier “Legends” based projects on the internet. Collaborating very closely with another video editor allowed for this project to be consolidated and helped complete the project on a tight deadline.


Tools: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pen and Pencil

Title: Legends Series

Time: 20.5 Hours

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