graphic / branding / package / Print

I set out to create my own typeface and eventually came up with the concept for a space age typeface, with a childish innocence, which is how the font called “FUSE” came about. I started out with a very harsh, robotic style which I softened by rounding the corners and making the letters friendlier.

The initial sketches were done over the course of a week, and the digitized characters were created over three Adobe Illustrator sessions. The packaging was designed in photoshop and then printed using various methods and printers to create the eventual physical objects. The final product featured three chocolate bars (White, Dark, and Milk Chocolate) in the form of three characters, which were housed in a box similar to a compact disc case and served with a friendly “interplanetary warning” printed on acetate.

The chocolates are meant to be sold in packs of three, under the brand name “Mun” Chocolates.


The essential aim was to create a product based on the ethos of the typeface and in the mold of the overall thematic style that the typeface lends itself to. In line with the whimsical space like feel of FUSE, I chose to do a set of three chocolate bars based around the theme of cartoon aliens, a product that you may get at a museum gift shop or on an online astronomy website.


Tools: Fontographer, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pen and Pencil

Title: Mun Typeface and Packaging

Time: 23.5 Hours