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Whether it is Michael closing out his Bulls career with his swan song of a game winner, Bill Russell celebrating the historic dominance of his celtics, Kobe Bryant screaming out jovially in pure ecstasy to Lakers fans as they win game 7, or Larry and Magic battling for the one thing they want most, the NBA finals have always been nothing short of legendary. And that is why we love it. That is why we love the drama, the passion, the grit, and the few moments where humans seem to transcend into perfection to stand in perpetual suspension as an overwhelming yet oh so subtle vestige of the time that the game was ours, and the world stood still.


There are moments so perfect, you would hardly believe they were made by humans . These moments are what define legends, they are the essence of what the ethereal concept of the heart of a champion is. They are singular moments in time where everything seems to stand still as basketball perfection is achieved and the world simply watches in awe. The NBA finals is where legends are made, and this piece of artwork was made to capture that ethos. Done in conjunction with a video, this project received over 40,000 downloads and 36,000 video views. Video can be watched here. 


Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Pen and Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D

Title: NBA Finals Artwork

Time: 12 Hours

Download Artwork Here →