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The Miami Heat are headed to the playoffs, and this journey through the Eastern Conference may be their hardest yet. As the quest for the threepeat continues, this season’s Heat seem to have been plagued by more fatigue, injuries, and even chemistry issues than in previous years. But there is one element that has stayed constant no matter what, one shining beacon that they can count on, every game, every second, every moment on that court, and that is the play of their leader, their MVP, LeBron James. The King transcends greatness every game. He makes it consistent, he makes it look easy. And that is why the Heat are never out of a game, because when you have the best player on the world on your side, you know you have a chance. He dominates the court. He is LeBron James.


This wallpaper was released during the Miami Heat Threepeat Title Quest in 2014, with much of the media focus on other teams, this wallpaper helped shift the narrative slightly as the playoffs got further along.


Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D

Title: LeBron James “Domination” Artwork

Time: 13.25 Hours

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