Paul George Remix Artwork

graphic / web / artwork

“Scottie Pippen was the original, Paul George is the remix.” – Jalen Rose

For Paul George, the time is now. He has put in the work, and his beast has been unchained. He is showing everyone the superstar that he can be, and just how unique he really is. The league is on notice, because a star is about to be born, and the wreckage will not be pretty. Get ready, because here comes King George.



This project was created at the height of Paul George’s Stardom in 2013, as he was being considered for an MVP candidate. Reaching over 50,000 downloads on the internet, this artwork was even sold as a limited edition print to some fans who were adamant about owning a piece.


Tools: Photoshop, Oil Paints on Canvas

Title: Paul George “Remix” Artwork

Time: 14.75 Hours

Download the Artwork→