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If you took away the money, if you took away the fame, the spotlight, if you took away the lifestyle and all the things that come with it, if you took away all the flash, what would you have left? Everything. Because Basketball is everything. And no one knows that better than Derrick Rose. After sitting out a year from the the game he loves due to injury, the Bulls PG is making a resurgent trajectory right back to the top of the NBA. He’s back, and he is ready for takeoff. 


This wallpaper was positioned and released as a piece of viral content for the return of Derrick Rose. Running in parallel to the Adidas Campaign, this online content received over 96,000 downloads in just the first month of release.


Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Pen and Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D

Title: Derrick Rose “Rise” Artwork

Time: 16 Hours

Download Artwork Here →