VIdeo Consultation Services

Universal Physician & Telemedicine provides well-trained and qualified physicians available via appointment for Medical Consultations, regardless of location and time by incorporating Telecommunication and Information Technology to share information and provide state-of-the-art Medical Care from a Distance. For an appointment, click on Virtual Office in the menu above.

Data Interpretation

We provide data interpretation services which includes but are not limited to interpreting, EKG's, Holter Tests, Stress Tests, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac CT's, CT Angiograms, Coronary Angiograms, and Vascular Ultrasounds etc... For more information, email

Treatment Services

At Universal Physician & Telemedicine, our primary objective is to provide patients access to fast and reliable medical treatment options. We can prescribe medications to our patients after evaluation except DEA controlled substances.