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VIdeo Consultation Services

Universal Physician & Telemedicine provides well-trained and qualified physicians available via appointment for Medical Consultations, regardless of location and time by incorporating Telecommunication and Information Technology to share information and provide state-of-the-art Medical Care from a Distance. For an appointment, click on Virtual Office in the menu above.

Qualified Second Opinions

At Universal Physician & Telemedicine, we offer patients to connect with extremely specialized and trained doctors who can give them a second opinion on a diagnosis they may have received from a local doctor.

Data Interpretation

We provide data interpretation services which includes but are not limited to interpreting, EKG's, Holter Tests, Stress Tests, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac CT's, CT Angiograms, Coronary Angiograms, and Vascular Ultrasounds etc... For more information, email

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Virtual Office

Universal Physician and Telemedicine uses the secure Amwell virtual office platform for patients. To access, you will need to follow the instructions below –

1. Access the Virtual Office site here to register as a New Patient.


2. Enter your Patient Details and Information and Sign Up as a New user.


3. Once Registered, you will be able to select Universal Physician as your care provider and Schedule an appointment either from the dropdown menu, or by clicking “Schedule Appointment” underneath the Universal Physician Option. (If you prefer to schedule by phone,

Virtual Office

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